Why Natural Stone Benchtops in Your Modern Home

Natural stone, the real thing is the Pinnacle of luxury and class for countertops in any Modern home on the Gold Coast or Byron Bay, Every other  engineered stone, solid surface and laminate tries to replicate it but with only limited success, with improving technology the replicas are getting better but so are the finishing techniques of natural stone making them a far superior choice.

Carrara Marble kitchen benchtop

Carrara Marble kitchen benchtop

We’ve all heard or read reviews of horror stories about natural stone. Every piece of granite, marble, limestone, onyx, quartzite or travertine is in the ground for a different length of time and is made up of different minerals which all have different properties, this means some granites and marbles should be left in the ground to bake for a few billion years extra or just not touched at all. If you were to dig a piece of Granite or marble out of the ground and put it straight on your bench tops it will stain and you will hate your bench top.

This is the stone you hear about in these horror stories, straight out of China: unsealed and unfinished. The best stone you can buy will be quarried in its country of origin and processed in Italy or Brazil.

Reputable suppliers of Granite and Marble that we recommend are Finestone at Molendinar, CDK Stone at Labrador, WK Granite and Marble in Nerang, Project Stone in Brisbane and SNB Stone in Brisbane.

Black Forest Gold Granite Island Bench as a feature

Black Forest Gold Granite Island Bench as a feature

Whether you are after Granite kitchen benchtops, marble vanity tops, a laundry benchtop,  marble dining table top or an Alfresco Kitchen. The ever expanding range of natural stone will amaze you. When I started working as a stonemason in 1997 there were about 6 colour choices and staining and cracking were common problems. But with the improvements in technology these issues are very rare, all stone is resin filled and sealed before it is imported and Custom Stone Solutions seals all natural stone twice before we are finished, and with our extensive knowledge of different stones we know what sealers are best for each stone.

Your choice of colours was once limited but now there are literally thousands of colour choices that will compliment a range of homes from a Hamptons style, to sleek and modern, to industrial or classic and traditional. If you have a Burleigh Heads Beach House, Hope Island Holliday House or a Palm Beach Pad, Call the team at Custom Stone Solutions on 0755363635 or send us an email at sales@customstonesolutions.com.au


Granite Quarry Italy. Active since 5th century

Granite Quarry Italy. Active since 5th  century